For the longest time after React was released I had difficulty really understanding how it was supposed to be used. Coming from years of MVC/MVVM experience in Java, C#/WPF, and Angular, React seemed strange. The basic tutorials and examples showed ‘how’ you do something, but never why, and there was pretty much no separation between view and controller logic.

Eventually I sat down and wrote something using React and Redux, following the ‘best practices’, so I could understand the decisions that went into the frameworks and how they could be used.

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Over the break, I wanted to build a quick nutrition web app.

My normal go-to framework for web applications is Nancy. It’s pretty lean and easy to get going, but… lately it’s been feeling rather heavy. It has a lot of features I never use (razor views, for instance), and I end up building out a good bit of bootstrap code to turn it all off and manually configure the bits I want.

So… what to do…

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