Hi, I'm Kel.

Technical Consultant

I create, and help others create, software and process solutions to complex problems. I have a wide range of technology and industry experiences that help me guide clients to the right approach.

I’m particularly fond of (but not limited to) C#, Typescript and general web technologies.

Some ways I can help

  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Test automation
  • Security
  • Clean, maintainable code guidelines
  • Planning software lifecycles
  • Choosing the right developer candidates
  • Choosing the right technologies
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Project reviews and retrospectives
  • Adapting agile methodologies to your teams
  • Working with remote teams
  • Updating legacy software (refactoring/rewriting strategies)

My latest blog posts

Safety and Confidence

As employers we want confident employees. We want people who can get things done with as little supervision as possible. We want to give them money and in exchange they give us value from their effort.

And yet, that's not what usually happens. People require a lot of supervision. They aren't motivated. So why not? Why aren't all your employees rock stars?

Decade Recap

Hello! It's been awhile since I've written anything in the blog, and given it's the end of the decade, I thought it a good time for an update.

Getting Apps Done

Getting Apps Done logo I cohost the Getting Apps Done podcast, with Joshua Graham, where we discuss subjects like interviewing, motivation, working remotely, learning to code, best practices, and what it means to be a software developer in today’s world.

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Our Latest Episode

Give Good Feedback!

We’ve talked about how important feedback is in the past, but how do you give good feedback? Joshua and Kel talk about how to give feedback people will appreciate and value.