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Safety and Confidence

As employers we want confident employees. We want people who can get things done with as little supervision as possible. We want to give them money and in exchange they give us value from their effort.

And yet, that's not what usually happens. People require a lot of supervision. They aren't motivated. So why not? Why aren't all your employees rock stars?

Decade Recap

Hello! It's been awhile since I've written anything in the blog, and given it's the end of the decade, I thought it a good time for an update.


I recently taught a class at a bootcamp where a large part of their program was developed around the concept of a "Growth Mindset".

Your interview questions are awful (but we can fix them)

The first time I was involved in a technical interview I was asked to present and grade a coding question: "What does this script do?" The candidate was then handed a print out of a (relatively) simple VBScript that changed the computer name of a Windows PC.

Only one candidate answered correctly. Every other candidate failed the question with an "I don't know."

On first glance, this seems a reasonable question. Part of the job they were interviewing for often required working with scripts to deploy computers and software. I told them that we weren't looking for a specific answer, just a general idea of "What does this do?" The candidate failing to even make a guess seems like an interview fail. They couldn't think on their feet. They couldn't think creatively.

But was it really a failure of the interviewee?