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Safety and Confidence

As employers we want confident employees. We want people who can get things done with as little supervision as possible. We want to give them money and in exchange they give us value from their effort.

And yet, that's not what usually happens. People require a lot of supervision. They aren't motivated. So why not? Why aren't all your employees rock stars?

Technical Credit

We recently interviewed David Wood on our podcast Getting Apps Done, and during the conversation David reframed "technical debt" as "technical credit".

Compromise and Test

In my previous post, Choice of Priorities, I talked about what to do when presented with a question of priorities. I argue that the answer is to do "both". But what about when those two priorities are mutually exclusive? "Do we make the button green or orange?" You can't really do both in this case, right?

The Choice of Priorities

Recently my daily feed was filled with a discussion about "What's more important? Writing maintainable software, or shipping software?"

Starter Process

The goal of this post is to present a relatively simple agile-like development process to get started with.

The main audience is new Project/Product managers or developers trying to wrangle a chaotic development cycle.

A good primer on the reasons why you need a process can be found here: Negotiating a Process.

Good? Let's get started then.

Negotiating a Process

No one likes a new process. It's work to memorize, it's work to do, and it removes your own autonomy from a situation, keeping you from just doing whatever you want to do.

But working without a process leads to chaos. Missed deadlines. Solutions that don't actually solve the problem. Angry customers. Angry managers. Angry developers.